Friday, 13 August 2060

Welcome to my Wildlife World

Welcome to My Wildlife World
Where my Dream is all Animals are free to live there life as Nature and God intended them to,It breaks my heart to see the horror in every corner of the world and one day all the humans that cause torture and suffering will pay either in this life or the next.feel free to add your comments.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Cecil the Lion's Son Xanda Also Killed by Trophy Hunter

Xanda Killed by Trophy Hunters just the same as his Father Cecil
RIP beautiful Xanda run free with your Father.

Beautiful Cecil

Its been 2 years since Beautiful Cecils Life was taken by Walter Palmer what a evil man he is and he got away with is,now your son Xanda killed to.

Monday, 4 September 2017

True words

Very true words just look at this baby who could steal them from there mum and keep them prisoners then kill them for a trophy is makes me sick of humans i wish the canned hunting these people are scum.